Shocking: 73 percent of stroke patients are unaware of symptoms

Lowering total Cholesterol by 10% to 20%: Nitric oxide lowers Cholesterol through its naturally protective antioxidant activity. Preliminary research suggests that stimulating nitric oxide production in individuals who have elevated Cholesterol levels, makes it possible to lower their prescriptive statin drug dosages by at least 50%.

- Driving: It is essential to participate in a driving program after rehabilitation, if the individuals plans to return to driving. Eyesight, cognition and reaction time are evaluated in order to determine safety while driving. Even if the individual has weakness in the right leg, vehicles can be modified with hand controls for independent driving Use of a spinner knob allows ease of parking and being able to get out of situation easily and safety. In some states, you may need a doctors approval to get one installed. In other states, they sell these over the counter at auto part stores. I would opt for the professional installation with these and the more sturdy it is , the better. Don’t skimp when it comes to safety in a vehicle. .

Using this as a basis, I instructed the sub conscious to now attempt to find new pathways within the brain to accomplish the movements that until now were not possible. I also wanted to wait a week or two to see if the subconscious had made any progress with this task. As yet the two weeks have yet to pass, but, we are meeting again to see if there has been any progress.

Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that may reduce oxidative stress to brain cells. Such stress occurs when highly volatile forms of oxygen damage cell structure. Study shows that beta- carotene helps to reduce the risk against cerebral infraction and stroke.

Stroke ranks fourth in the list of causes of death, and the leading cause of disability and death in the United States as well as around the world. Factors of stroke starts since the early stages of the child's age and risk on the rise continues with the continuation of age, One of the most important risk factors are behavioral, such as unhealthy lifestyle and obesity, as well as family history of heart disease.

It's still unclear exactly how magnesium reduces stroke risk. The researchers suggest that the mineral's benefits may be related to its ability to lower blood pressure. Diets high in magnesium have also been linked with lower rates of type 2 diabetes, a risk factor for stroke.

Heart disease and stroke risk is dictated by profession in older workers, according to new findings. The study uncovered that those workers over the age of 45 in sales, office support, or other service occupations have more risk factors for heart disease and stroke, compared to workers in management and professional jobs.