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Generally speaking, you will only encounter four different types of drugs. these are include as below.

1. General Sales List

2. Pharmacy Medicines

3. Prescription Only Medicines

4. Controlled Drugs

General Sales List

GSL is a drug with almost no legal restrictions. They can be purchased almost anywhere. Although these drugs are generally considered “non-hazardous”, this does not mean that they do not pose any risks-so you should still exercise caution when administering drugs to humans. GSL includes paracetamol, some cold and flu medicines, and vitamin supplements. For more information, you can visit to our blog page.

Pharmacy Medicines

Pharmacies can only buy them behind the counter in the pharmacy. In this way, if the pharmacist thinks this medicine is not suitable for you, he can refuse to sell it. You can identify these drugs by the “P” on the packaging. Medications include mild sleeping pills, stronger antihistamines and Viagra.

Prescription Only Medicines

Only prescription drugs can have quite harmful effects, and if abused, they can cause serious addiction. Hence, only prescription drugs must be prescribed by a doctor or dentist. The packaging of these medicines will be marked as “POM”. You will find this mark on products such as antidepressants, insulin, and stronger sleeping pills.

Controlled Drugs

Controlled drugs are the most serious category of drugs. Although these drugs have similar effects to “prescription drugs only”, they are clearly classified as controlled drugs under the Drug Abuse Act 1971. These drugs also require a prescription from a medical professional (such as a doctor or dentist). They have certain restrictions on distribution, storage and management methods. Controlled drugs are marked with “POM” and “CD” on the packaging.

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